September 25, 2018

Andrew & Gretchen


We were privileged to travel out to Portland, Oregon to photograph Gretchen and Andrew’s engagement session. We love to travel for our work and had not had the chance to visit that area; these two showed us the best that Portland had to offer!

Andrew followed Gretchen halfway across the country, from the Midwest to the Northwest, uprooting his life to chase his love. After attending college together in Wisconsin, Andrew helped Gretchen move to attend grad school. He finally asked her out afterwards, and after months of long distance dating, he moved out to Portland for her.

Their engagement session was adventurous and sweet, and it makes us excited for their wedding in Wisconsin next month! They will be bringing friends together from all over the world and with how much they love each other and other people, it will be a truly special day!



[…] to two of us! Earlier in the year, we got the special opportunity to fly to Oregon, shoot their engagement session and spend some time with them to get to know our future brother-in-law […]