June 29, 2018

Ben & Madie

Ben and Madie first met after college at a young adults event hosted by the church where Madie worked. They spent time together in a consistent group of friends and although their personalities are quite different they grew to appreciate each other’s strengths. In September 2016, Ben and Madie went on their first date to the orchestra in Minneapolis. It has been an adventure ever since!

Ben planned a grand proposal day filled with the couple’s favorite activities. He made pancakes, she played the piano at the Minneapolis library, they went on a walk downtown and found a perfect coffee shop. In the evening before attending a play at the Guthrie theatre, Ben took Madie to the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. There before the pedestrians and St. Patrick’s Day revelers, he asked her to marry him. She said, “of course!”

During their Saint Anthony Main engagement session, the two couldn’t hide their joy if they tried. They were just a few months from marriage and loved the chance to spend a few hours together. We hiked with Ben and Madie through Father Hennepin Bluff Park, down Saint Anthony Main and along the Mississippi River. It was almost 90 degrees, but if they noticed, they didn’t let on! Joyful is truly the best way to describe these two as the laugher never stopped. We can’t wait for their wedding in July!