Engagement in Eau Claire, WisconsinDylan & Rachel


Rachel and Dylan had an unusual matchmaker: their landlord. They were both students at UW-Eau Claire and moved into the two sides of a duplex. We’ll let Rachel tell you the cheesiest, yet successful, line Dylan used:

“As he poured me a drink, I stared at this jar of what I was sure were dead cockroaches.
“What are those?” I asked him.
“Dates, ya want one?”
“Ok, Friday night- Olive Garden, 7:30,” he said with a grin.

We met up with these two in the late spring in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The snow was still melting, but these two skipped around like it was 70 degrees and sunny. Their love is almost tangible, so capturing their emotion was as easy as stepping back and letting them be together.



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