April 13, 2019

Minnesota North Shore Fine Art Engagement Session


Jared and Jesselyn met in college at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and started dating during Jesselyn’s final year and after Jared returned from living in Chile. They made each other laugh, stood beside the other during times of crisis, and learned how to be a good partner to the other. Just two years later, Jared got down on one knee at their college’s annual Viennese Ball and asked for Jesselyn’s hand. After a minute of confusion, she said yes! 

We all agreed to be adventurous for their engagement session, so we packed up and went camping near Minnesota’s north shore. After an entire night of thunderstorms, we all dried off, warmed up and headed up to the shore. One thing you need to know about these two is they are incredibly dedicated. Wind whipped off Lake Superior and splashed pretty darn cold water on them, but nothing deterred them from keeping their eyes on each other.

They both have dance backgrounds and we wanted to showcase that in their session. On the rocky shore of Lake Superior, they waltzed and swung, mimicking the water behind them. We are so lucky to have such talented and wonderful clients!