December 17, 2016

Kyle & Sarah


The negative 20 degree air temperature didn’t damper the intense love radiating from Kyle and Sarah on their wedding day. As they got ready in the warmth within the historic halls of Hope Community Church, there weren’t two minutes without laughter all day. If there were any nerves from either of the two, they melted as soon as the two shared their first look. Kyle’s eyes filled with tears as he took in the sight of his love as a bride. He walked her to the stage and Sarah spun for him, showing off her stunning gown.

Everyone bundled up to take photos in the cold: boots, shawls, and hand warmers were just a few pieces of armor used to fight the chill. Kyle, Sarah and their party members were incredible troopers. We constantly offered to let them go inside and warm up, but each time they said they were up for more! They really embodied the “Bold North” feeling.

Instead of a center isle, Hope Community Church’s West building features a staircase that descends from the balcony. Sarah gracefully walked down that architectural beauty, and met her father at the bottom who walked her to the stage. All eyes were on the bride as she took Kyle’s hand and the two made the covenant before God and those gathered.

After everyone dried their eyes from the beautiful ceremony, they headed to Braemar Golf Course, a romantic venue filled with candles and an overwhelming feeling of warmth. The food was tasty, the drinks were delicious and all the guests enjoyed themselves swing dancing the night away.  


Ceremony venue: Hope Community Church West

Reception venue: Braemar Golf Course

Videography: David Andrew Media

Bridal gown: The Wedding Shoppe

Groom’s suit: Men’s Warehouse