April 1, 2017

Phil & Krystyna


Phil and Krystyna’s engagement set was one of those that made us delight in our job, our city, and the people we get to work with. The couple knew they wanted to have a bit more formal flare to their engagement photos, but they didn’t know where to do them. We suggested Mill Ruins Park on the Minneapolis riverfront; the run-down, textured ruins provided a perfect visual contrast to their clean and snappy style.

Even though it was April, the sun was shining bright at golden hour and the temperatures were in the 60s for the first time since fall. A better day we could not have asked for. The muted colors of the brick and stone glowed in the spring sun; however, the light and weather only served to enhance the love giddiness that Phil and Krystyna exuded around each other.

This couple is truly a joy to be around, simply because their excitement and love were so contagious. We were delighted that we were able to capture this love so well.



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