A groom holds his bride in the air as she smiles and laughs in a Christina Sfez light blue wedding gown, in front of a warm ocean view.

Light, pink fine art portrait of bride, looking through Claire LaFaye pink gown, in front of watercolor backdrop in San Diego

Wedding couple kisses under confetti

In an abstract portrait, bride and groom kiss. The fall foliage gently surrounds them.

Engaged couple dances in Minnesota's Goosberry Falls State Park on the North Shore.

A bride and groom stand back to back under a Max Owens Design white and green archway in front of the Pacific Ocean at sunset

A bride smiles and looks off in the distance holding a gorgeous white floral bouquet with light, sand colored ribbon, which is complimented by a sand beach and light ocean in the background.

Spring wedding inspiration shots with colorful Plume Calligraphy paper invitations, Jimmy Choo bridal shoes, Oak and the Owl pink and purple flowers, and other accessories by The Styled Kit and Gucci

Black and white classic portrait of bride and groom holding each other

Fine art photography couple holding hands, showing bride's wedding ring

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