February 24, 2018

Rick & Colette

Rick and Colette are just about the cutest couple you’ll ever meet. Former UW-Eau Claire collegiate soccer players, they crossed paths for a year before Colette interviewed Rick for the student newspaper. Their conversation started there and never stopped. Weather happens, especially in March in the Midwest. You really have two options: let it ruin your session or go with the flow. Rick and Colette chose the latter and we’re so glad they did!

In November, we booked their engagement session for February 24. The couple chose Victoria, MN and nearby Carver Park Reserve for their locations, which are beautiful in any weather. Late winter/early spring is such a toss up here in Minnesota. It could be raining, 80 degrees or a complete whiteout blizzard. This time it was a blizzard! The week before the shoot, we got nervous and started coming up with back up plans. Maybe we could go inside local stores? Maybe we can shoot in a library? We landed on the local coffee shop, Ruby’s Roost Bakery, and hoped that whatever happened weather-wise, it would work.

As soon as Colette and Rick arrived, the snow started coming down. We tried to start the shoot warm because we knew we’d be losing heat fast. Little did we know how adventurous our couple is! After we took a few shots in the coffee shop with their adorable, matching mugs, they jumped right into the snow and started dancing! Colette even suggested they take their coats off for a few shots, which added so much to the final product. With the crazy weather, we were so excited Rick and Colette were such troopers. 

Colette had the sweetest words after their session: “We are so happy to have braved the winter storm with Anna and Matt! Our engagement snow shoot was one of the most incredible memories we will have forever. They made us feel incredibly comfortable, and allowed us the space to simply be ourselves amidst crazy weather conditions.”



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