September 3, 2019

Summery Saint Paul Engagement Session


Have you seen the movies where the man meets his future wife at a wedding? Well this is that couple in real life! Amanda and Carter then had their first date at a swing dancing night at the Wabasha Street Caves. They thought it only fitting that they start their engagement session here! Carter proposed this winter in front of the Landmark Center in Saint Paul, so we hopped in the car and photographed there and all around Rice Park. To round out their session, they wanted a touch of nature, so we finished at Minnehaha Park. Although the falls are gorgeous, we decided to enjoy the rest of the park and its natural beauty.

Amanda and Carter are the sweetest people and truly make a wonderful match for one another. Amanda finishes graduate school in December and will move to Iowa to be with Carter who is in medical school there! These two are about to embark on quite the adventure!