Your Photographers

photo courtesy of MRD Photography

Hi, we’re Matt and Anna Bye, the photographers at Royal Hart Studio. We are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and specialize in wedding and portrait photography. 

Photography is, by our estimation, one of the best ways to artfully capture the true essence and beauty of the individuals and couples we meet. It is our passion and driving purpose to serve our clients through photography.   

We have been practicing photography individually for years, and began photographing together in 2015. Matt’s background is in darkroom photography and black & white film, and he now applies his strong foundation of techniques and creative eye for composition to the digital medium. Anna comes from a photojournalistic background and excels in capturing fleeting moments and pure emotion. She started as a photographer for magazines and newspapers and found her calling in working with couples to preserve their wedding day exactly as they imagine.  

Together our styles complement each other to best capture your wedding day or personality. Your experience is the most important part of your day, and we will work tirelessly to assure that you will have tangible memories you can treasure forever.  

Why the Royal Hart? In antiquity, the Royal Hart was the noblest and most majestic stag deer, fit only to be hunted by the king and royal court. It was a prized creature that was raised and cared for above all other deer in the herd and was a sign of prestige and honor. We strive to impart that same respect to our clients, recognizing the beauty of individuals and honor that comes from a couple’s pursuit of a loving and lasting marriage. We are all like the Royal Hart to our God and King, as He pursues a loving and saving relationship with each of us. 



Want to work with us? Our packages start at $3,200. Inquire on our contact page for more information.